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We have been helping restaurant, cafe, and bar owners maximize their profits using the simple Dishboard system, for the past two years.
Dishboard allows you to monitor real-time income and expenses by the minute and find out what to improve and how to earn more.
There were three of us when Immerly first launched in 2020, but enthusiasm soon gave way to disappointment, as our first version of the system was way too complex.

However, we did not give up and went to our clients and experts in the gastro business for advice. We understood that business owners needed a simple tool that would enable them to control their business down to the smallest detail online.

This is how a new version of the system was created, which we named Dishboard and which, today, depends on five individuals and experts in the field.

About us

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We listen to customer needs.
Our software solves real problems.
The administration is very simple, so everyone can understand it.


Dishboard gives you the perfect overview so you can make faster and better decisions.
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