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Dishboard simplifies financial management and eliminates chaos in your restaurant
Built for restaurant owners
Simple implementation in just a few clicks
Works on any device
Easier than Excel
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Getting lost in numbers = losing money

of restaurants close in the first three years because their owners don't keep track of finances
On average, you spend up to 40 hours a month sorting out papers, which makes up an entire working week of your time - the most important thing we have

Wasting time with paperwork

You are puzzling over tables to understand how much you earned today and from what source

Suffering with Excel

Reduce unnecessary expenses due to typos, doubling invoices, or repetitive work of employees.

Costs slip between your fingers

You cannot scale your business if you don't know your bottom line.

Stop missing out on opportunities

Getting lost in
numbers = losing money

Do you need to arrange financial management in the gastro business?

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Arrange the finances of your restaurant with Dishboard

A convenient solution for controlling and managing employee salaries and food costs - all in one place and automated, without endless sheets in Excel.

Control food and labor costs

You can upload pdf and photo invoices directly to Dishboard or send them by email, and our system will transfer all data, automatically recognizing the amount, supplier, and payment dates. No more invoice hell.

Automate financial management

Thanks to the calendar on the website, you can avoid cash gaps, never miss a payment and keep track of all gastro finances.

Get a complete picture of your gastro business

Dishboard is accessible from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Monitor your finances from any device

Dishboard is implemented in just a few clicks and eliminates the chaos in gastro numbers
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Dishboard ensures the safety and anonymity of your data

Encrypted cloud storage that only you have access to
Your data is securely stored in the cloud using AES-256 encryption. Only you can control and access your data.
Protection from viruses
Cloud storage protects you from data loss due to device damage or theft and protects against viruses and cyber attacks
You don't need to enter any legal data into Dishboard.


Daniel Korcsmáros
Dishboard využívame v restauraci a automatizované nahrávání faktur a sledování splatnosti je to, co nám umožňuje se věnovat našim hostům, místo sezení v kanceláři.
Generální manažer Automat Matuška
Nikita Sidorov
Díky automatizaci zadávání dat v Dishboard jsem přestal ztrácet čas s Excelem a získal jsem okamžitý přístup ke svým skutečným nákladům a EBITDA odkudkoli.
Majitel Hoxton Burgers
Veronika Zakharova
Kromě zřejmých výhod, jsem ráda, že mohu sledovat platy a odměny svých zaměstnanců v Dishboardu. Takže mohu trávit čas vymýšlením nápadů pro naši restauraci, ne s Excelem.
Generální manažer Bistro Bowlers

Dishboard partners with the best gastro companies on the market

You can install Dishboard in just a few clicks, without special programs or drivers. Managing your business will be easier and more enjoyable thanks to the intuitive and minimalistic interface. Even from your mobile phone, you can control the finances of your gastro business with the click of three buttons.

Dishboard automates invoice data entry and can be integrated with your POS. No more manual work!
Specifally for gastro business
We have developed Dishboard specifically for gastro owners, considering all the nuances and pitfalls. Food costs, one-time expenses, employee salaries, suppliers' costs, and others are divided into categories that are convenient for you.

Getting started with Dishboard is easy

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