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„..The main reason for the closure of so many hospitality businesses is poor financial planning and lack of control. Half of the restaurant owners have no idea of their profits or costs by categories...“
„..Our end goal is to enable hospitality businesses to achieve full automation of their financial management.As well as help facilitate these businesses' access to short-term financing and the automation of supplier payments...“
63 %
of restaurants close in their first 3 years of operation because they have poor control and limited understanding of their finances.

Our Impact

up to 80+
No stress
You will gain an overview of costs quickly and be able to cut down on overspend.
Dishboards automation and overview of finances will save you valuable time.
Your finances will be clear as day and all expenses planned for.
You will have an overview of all expenses by different categories, use our payments calendar to understand what payments are due when for each supplier.
Easily upload your invoices to Dishboard in any format, or forward them via a unique email to Dishboard.

The platform will automatically recognize the amount, supplier, due dates, and other important data.

Expense Planning

No more manual invoice or receipt entry

We automatically generate a profit and loss statement and cashflow overview based on the data entered through invoices and integration with POS systems.

Easily track your income, costs, and more, in a weekly, monthly, or yearly view, or any view of your choice.

Flexible Profitability Overview

Dishboard - A recipe for success for your hospitality business


Customer reviews and testimonials:

Daniel Korcsmáros
"..We use Dishboard in our restaurant, the automated invoice management system and due date monitoring is extremely helpful and allows to spend more time focus on our guests instead of in the back office..."
General Manager
Automat Matuška
Petr Sedláček
"..Thanks to Dishboard, I can easily pinpoint the list of costs between two businesses under one company. I have an overview of what I'm spending on and where I can cut costs and save thousands per month. Another advantage is that I don't have to monitor invoice due dates. Things are much more simple and seamless with Dishboard.."
Chutnej a Krafin bistro
Michal Kapolka
Joint Owner
Los Capolitos
"..Dishboard is an indispensable tool for us at Los Capolitos, it helps with all our needs for managing financial processes. We have a detailed overview of costs and expenses, easily comparable between different branches. Above all it frees us from annoying paperwork and eliminates errors that arise when entering data manually.."

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